Thursday, June 17, 2010

Willie Nelson 2K10

I've dug through the pictures and found a few.
Sadly the ones from the London show didn't come out very good, but I liked this one
The main reason for poor pictures at London was this.
An inconsiderate bucket of lard, who moved seats and made a perfect job of blocking my view. Being a gentleman, I didn't say anything, but I was sorely tempted.
Willie opened the show, as usual with 'Whisky River', followed quickly by 'Still Is Still Moving To Me', which made me think of an American friend, Linda Lee, who writes a brilliant blog about Willie. I sometimes think she knows what Willie is doing before he knows himself. You can read her blog at this link.
The show went on for over 90 minutes. Willie masterful as usual, slipping quickly through a selection of old favourites, and some new ones which we hadn't heard before. And, yes, I had to dry my eyes when he sang 'Blue Eyes Crying In Thge Rain', and I think the whole audience had a lump in their throats when he sang 'Always On My Mind'.
Brilliant show, best ever, well until we got to Langesund.
The Langesund show was in an outdoor venue called the Wrightegaarden.
A rough translation is that the oldest part of the house dates from 1700, and it gets it's name from Just & Bolette Wright who owned it from 1800 to 1850. And here's a thought on that man's name, 'Just Wright'. I wonder if his wife ever argued with him?? ;)

Here's a view of the queue, the house is to the right.
Oops, nearly forgot the picture of the tour busses.
Spot da Peerie Trowie in the foreground. ;)
The venue was soon alive with the sound of Willie & Family. There was even a large screen for close up scenes from the cameras which were all around. Hopefully there might be a video produced from the footage they shot.
The next pictures speak for themselves, but I'll add names for anybody who doesn't know..
Here's Willie giving Trigger some exercise.
And Paul English hiding behind a weird selection of percussion thingies. Paul takes turns with his brother Billy, mixing between drum and percussion.
Willie again.
Bee Spears, bass player, on the left, and Billy English on the right.
Mickey Raphael, harmonica playing genius.

Paul English back on drums.

Billy with some of the thingies he uses to make some truly weird sounds.
Some of these pictures might look like repeats, but every one shows a different mood on Willie's face, which I find fascinating..
Willie really enjoys himself.
And I just wonder what Mickey is saying here.
Well that's all the Willie pics. Hope you enjoyed them, I know a few people in the US will be delighted to see Willie having fun.
The show was, as usual, perfect. The set was changed a little, and there was a special appearance from Kurt Nilsen who appeared on stage to present Willie with an award for the Triple Platinum success of Kurt's album, on which Willie duetted with him on the song 'Lost Highway'. Willie being the man he is, immediately launched into singing Lost Highway, which kinda surprised Kurt a bit since there had been no rehearsal. That just goes to show that age and experience beats youth and ambition every time. Willie sounded good,, and, well, Kurt tried his best. ;)
When we left the venue I took these pictures.
The first one is looking down on the back of the stage, and the second one is just a nice view of the harbour.
These pics were taken at 11pm. 24 hour daylight at this time of year, with the sun only setting for a few hours.
There will likely be more Willie posts when I get time, including possibly a video if I can figure out how to edit it and upload it to youtube.
Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.

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