Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm weathersick,,,

And that's a helluva thing for a Shetlander to say...
This summer has been a S.H.I. ning example of how global warming just doesn't exist.
Maybe me and Jeemie caused the problem by thinking we should launch the boat at the beginning of April. We've had a few fishing trips, a few fish, been pissed on by rain, etc.. But we'll keep trying.
It's always worth having a few hours in the boat when there's scenery like this.
Looking in towards the end of Tresfjorden.
Looking east past Bakknesset (guess I spelled that wrong).
Occasionally I allow the crew to use a camera, hence this image of me.
But he only got to take one shot. I got this one of him with a little fish.
And then this image of the relaxed fisherman after he had gutted about 80 Sillocks (Småsei i Norsk) (Small Coalfish in English)..
And, yes, he got sunburned. ;)

More fishing and boating pictures coming soon. And I have to catch up on a few other things which I meant to post about... Here's a taster..
Weather permitting we're heading out sometime in the next couple of days for a small road trip since my youngest daughter is here on holiday. I think we'll head up through Kristiansund, then on to Trondheim. A likely detour from there will be a stop in Hell (Google search for 'Hell, Norway'). Then maybe down to Røros and Tynsett, before heading over into Sweden for a chance to drive on some decent roads.

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.

Da Auld Een

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Been Fishing

This morning was beautiful with hardly a breath of wind. I just wish it had stayed that way. 
Me and Jeemie had decided to go fishing when the tide turned in the early afternoon. Great plan but the wind decided to show how much it could blow a little plastic bathtub/boat about, so we had to give up and come ashore with just a few fish and very little sunburn (thankfully).
Just for the hell of it I took my old Olympus 740 camera out today, mainly to see if it still worked after not being used for 2 years..
It worked beautifully. Here's the view towards home.
 The main reason I wanted to post that picture has nothing to do with fishing or the beautiful scene. It has more to do with another blogger who has posted pictures from the opposite angle.
Randi I'll be thinking about you, and hope that all goes well with the surgery.

Yun's aa fir enoo

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meet "Meegie da Megane"

I finally took the plunge and decided to get a slightly newer car.
Honey da Honda, which I've featured in a few posts before, such as this one would have needed quite a few dollars spent on her to get her through her test so I decided to put that money towards a newer wheeled device.
Because both me and the wife are getting older and more infirm with each year that passes, the main thing I looked for in a replacement car was ease of access for worn out knees and hip joints. It didn't take me long to realise that a French piece of crap called a Renault Megane was about the best suited of what was available within my meager budget.
This car may grow on me (unlikely), but that is just because my old Honda has been such a faithful friend for the last 4 years.. But never mind, I'll tell the Honda's final story in another post shortly, when I have to deliver her to the breakers yard.

So I've landed myself with a French Bread on wheels which has all the character and personality of a snail, or perhaps a French president. It has more damned electronic devices than a space shuttle,,,,, and whoever heard of starting a car with a button that looks like the 'Print' button on a damned photocopier????

But, maybe she'll be nice. I will judge her with time.
Oh, I forgot to mention the reason why I've called her 'Meegie'. It's quite simple actually. In English the name Margaret quite often gets shortened to Maggie (as in Thatcher). Megan quite often gets shortened to Meg,,, see where I'm going??
Well in Shetland Margaret always seemed to become Meegie, or at least it did before some yuppies decided that Mags was more trendy. So that's how I arrived at the name, (although I did think to give it a French name, such as Brian,,,, after the snail on the Magic Roundabout,,, are you old enough to remember that?)

Anyway here she is:
"Meegie da Megane"
I had to drive 20Km to find some decent mountains to use as a backdrop for the picture to make her look good.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Motorbikes, various.

Today was the annual display of 2 wheeled mechanical masterpieces from the Vestnes motorcycle club. Here's a few examples of what was on show on a wet, snowy day.

Did I say 2 wheels??? This weirdo just sneaked in . 
 And speaking about weird machines, I don't know why but this bike just doesn't look right. The only thing good about it is the name. Apart from that it looks like a rice boiler from Japan.
But, like em or not, I wish I owned them all...

Yun's aa fir enoo

Just a few thoughts

After a few weeks of thinking I eventually came up with a few things worth posting. Whether it is worth reading is another thing all together, but here goes.
Firstly, since I was here last the Blogger format has changed so I'm likely to make a complete screw-up of this post, so apologies for that. But it can't be any worse than previous posts anyway.
Secondly, we eventually managed to get the boat back in the water about a fortnight ago. Me and Jeemie have been out fishing a few times, caught very little, been frozen to the bone, lost some tackle, and it would be understandable if we never wanted to go fishing again.
But.. and that's a very big BUT...
There is always the consolation of the scenery. So, even with no fish, these views are worth the effort.

On Tuesday we went all the way into Tresfjord, about 11km, and this shot is looking west towards Skorgedalen (I know I've spelled that wrong, but the wife who is my official Norsk spell-checker has gone to bed).
 After a while, trying and failing (fishing), we headed back towards more homely waters. Here's a shot into the head of Tresfjord.
 Our previous trips yielded a few fish and a couple of nice views as well.

And here's one of the fish Jeemie caught. His first flatfish in Norwegian waters.
Anyhow, we heard on the grapevine (internet) yesterday, that the Trout have arrived in the fjord, so hopefully my next post will show something slightly more worthy of placement on my dinner plate.
We're having to learn new fishing techniques for the local waters, and this will take time, but one thing I have learned so far is that using an old Shetland idea of towing  a Dorro behind the boat works very well here. Especially for Trout.
The word 'Dorro' comes from the Old Norse word  "Dyrhja" (To fish with a trolling line). And it was the first form of fishing I was introduced to by my father nearly 50 years ago, when we fished for Sillocks and Piltocks.

Thirdly. If you've got past Firstly and Secondly. I have got to touch for a moment on our weather... It is still absolutely, utterly, totally,,, CRAP..., for this time of year. We still have snow forecast for the week ahead.

Now, I don't really know if 'fourthly' is a word, but the fourth thing I thought I'd mention tonight was my birthday which somehow rushed up and bit me a few days ago... 55 years old ... and it scared me to realise that I had reached such an age and was still breathing. I guess I've gotten to the age now where I can say I've done most of the things I wanted to do, most of the things I didn't need to do, most of the things which I shouldn't have done, some things which were illegal, a few things which were maybe immoral , taken pleasure from them all, and resolved to tell my children that I did it all wrong..... And whilst on the subject of my birthday, and with special thought to things which are morally wrong, I have to give a very special mention to my dear wife for her annual cake baking fiasco. She dutifully bakes me a chocolate cake for my birthday, a beast of a thing which defies all diets, has a calorie count akin to the horse power of a Bugatti Veron, and has been known to kill my hunger for 5 days. (Recipe available from 'cakebakingtrowie.com').

Damn, so much for a quick 10 min post... I'm rambling again. ;)

Must stop , so:

Yun's aa fir enoo

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Global warming continues to be a problem.

Because of the heatwave caused by all the greenhouse gases I had a bit of trouble finding the car today.
Ahhh, here it is.
Never mind, warm days might come soon. Until then I'll just continue to take 'black and white' pictures....
This was  the view looking southeast over Vestnes today, with Lervik in the foreground.

To prove that my camera was still capable of capturing colour images I targeted something more colourful,,, with a snowball....
I'm in trouble now..

Yun's aa fir enoo.

Monday, April 2, 2012


I had thought that by now we would have got the boat in the water for a spot of fishing.
But the weather has had other ideas.
So the boat is still sitting in the garden weighed down by some strange white stuff.
We've had about 8 inches of snow and the forecast isn't showing any sign of a change for the next few days.
That's a pity since we're on holiday for Easter and it would have been a great chance to do some fishing.

So the best I can do is look back over old pictures from warmer times and hope that days like this might come again.... SOON!!!
Yun's aa fir enoo.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hamish the Haggis - Final Chapter..

The bold and beautiful little beast eventually arrived yesterday. Still sealed in the carefully designed shipping container.
After a bit of a struggle with a can opener he was set free and I let him have the freedom of the house. After all he's nearly the most unusual visitor we've had for a while.
 I have to admit I've seen better specimens, but considering the size of his drinks bill for his weekend in Oslo, It's no wonder he was looking a bit rough.
Overnight he was left to roam the house and I was beginning to think that he might just make a better pet than a meal.
Until this morning when I got up to find that the damned little Scottish reprobate had found my bottle of whisky. Now there is one thing I won't accept in this house and that's any form of alcohol abuse, such as spilling it or leaving a beer unfinished. And there is absolutely no way that I will accept any plundering of my whisky reserves.. So exit one pet and tonights meal was prepared.

After all the trouble, worry, and expense of getting him here, I'll end this saga with the best picture I got of him.
Accompanied by baked potatoes and mashed neep (swede/turnip) he suddenly became a severe bulge on my waistline which necessitated the slackening of my belt.

Rest in peace Hamish so bold, in my stomach you'll never grow old.
In this story you've played your part but I'm dreading the morning, you wee Scottish fart.

Yun's aa fir enoo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hamish hasn't arrived yet, BUT.....

..... His accommodation and bar bill (disguised as import duty and taxes) has arrived for his stay in Oslo. Just 822 Kroner, so it's a lot less than I spent the last time we were there.
I did get a phone message today to say that he will be delivered to our door tomorrow.
Once we get him sobered up properly I'll see if he can stand up long enough to get a picture.

Believe me, this topic is going to get worse before it gets better.... ;)

Maybe I'll get sensible again when we get the boat back in the water in a few weeks.. Which reminds me, I have some nice boating pictures to share here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update on Hamish the Haggis

Firstly I'm getting hungry just thinking about him... But, I'm beginning to wonder if by the time he gets here I will have become so personally involved that I can't find it in my heart to eat the poor little beastie.

Anyway, after his clearance delay at Oslo, he sobered up enough to pass the breath test this morning and was released.
Of course, this being Norway, nothing happens quickly... I guess he's been indoctrinated into the Norwegian lifestyle all day as he's had to sit around Oslo until 20.21 tonight.. Assuming he's been denied access to alcohol, he's most likely been eating cake and drinking coffee.. Now, Norwegian cakes are GOOD, and I mean REALLY GOOD, (coffee is crap, but best not say too much about that).. So Hamish is likely to arrive here heavier than he started out.. YUM YUM. ;)

So, I'm sitting here drooling over my keyboard, trying to remember what Haggis tastes like. Wondering if I can afford a bottle of whisky to drink a toast to this wonderful creature, and Chieftain of the Puddin Race, when he arrives....
Or should I just eat the bugger first and celebrate later?? Because if a real Scot like Hamish gets near whisky there will be nothing left for me.

These questions and more may be answered later. Or earlier, if our broadband connection speeds up. ;)

Yun's aa fir enoo

Monday, January 30, 2012

Up Helly Aa.

Above image courtesy of Kozetland1 and Shetlopedia.com

In the small town of Lerwick, capital a small group of islands known as Shetland, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea, and on the last Tuesday of January every year, normally sane men start dressing up as women.... As well as Vikings, and just about anything else.....
Of course that's why some locals jokingly refer to this day as 'Transvestite Tuesday'. But it's all part of the world famous fire festival called Up Helly Aa.

Here's a few links which will explain it better than I could ever do:
Shetlopedia.com, with hundreds of pictures (That's a wiki based site so navigation is easy with the normal category system)

Kozetland1 (Bloger, photographer, and one of the main contributors to Shetlopedia for pictures and info related to Up Helly Aa.)

Official Up Helly Aa Website

And finally a link to a webcam broadcast which will become live tomorrow, 31st January, the day of the festival.
That webcam link will be well worth watching tomorrow evening from about 1900 UK time.

Oh, just while I'm here:
An update on Hamish the Haggis.
As last reported he arrived in Oslo at 05.15 on Thursday 26th.. God only knows what he's been getting up to since then, because when I checked DHL tracking tonight, this is what I found:

Monday 30th January, 13.45: Clearance processing completed, Oslo - Norway
Monday 30th January, 1855:  Processed for clearance, Oslo - Norway
Monday 30th January, 1856:  Clearance Delay...
This last line is kinda what I expected anyway... Just think about the usual problems with Scots travelers.... Yup, now I've figured out what he's been up to since Thursday. He's spent the weekend in the pub, now he's not allowed on the flight until he sobers up.

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hamish the Haggis

I suppose like most things which happen in life a simple word or name can trigger a chain of events which seem almost impossible to comprehend.
This was the case when a simple mention of Robbie Burns made me realise that I hadn't eaten Haggis for 5 years. And just like a Glasgow teenager who hasn't had a bottle of Buckfast for a while the craving for Haggis grew stronger and stronger with every hour that passed.
So what could be done about this dreadful situation? The answer of course was Google.
Now since I live in Norway I knew it wouldn't be simple to obtain a Haggis. Firstly import of wildlife is seriously restricted, with the exception of Shetlanders which seem to be allowed. Secondly importing of meat is impossible, so that ruled out getting somebody in Scotland to bump one off and bung it in the mail... Actually, since I've just mentioned 'bumping off' (slang for killing), I'd better explain a bit more about what a Haggis is, and how to catch and kill it, purely for the benefit of folk who don't know what the beast is.

The Haggis (Latin name: Haggis Haggis) is a small creature which is indigenous to the upland regions of Scotland. Because of the hilly nature of it's habitat and the fact that it will only run anti-clockwise around the hills, it has undergone a rather unusual evolutionary change to its undercarriage over time. Its left legs have become shorter than the right ones in order to help it remain upright, and although this must have been helpful in the days when Scotland had predators like wolves, it has become a problem since man realised how tasty this little creature is.
Man being a more logical predator than the wolf quickly figured out that to easily catch a Haggis all he had to do was place an obstruction in the beasts path which forced it to turn round. It then went off balance because its legs are no use going clockwise around hills, tumbled to the bottom of the hill, and could be easily captured before it regained its composure.
Over the years many obstructions have been used to reverse the path of the Haggis. Including stone walls, fences, Hadrian's Wall, and the latest one,,,, Wind Turbines. The latter has proved to be useless as an aid to capturing Haggis, which is a pity since there are so many windmills about and it had been hoped they could be of some use for something..
Now that the beast has been captured we come to the grizzly business of dispatching it from it's earthly existence. Perhaps if you're squeamish you should skip to the next paragraph before I tell how it is done. In the past there were many methods used including knife, bullet, humane killer, and sedative overdose. But all these methods had to stop due to animal rights concerns, and another method was quickly found. It is the most evil form of death ever invented.. The poor beasts are forced to watch TV repeats of Big Brother.. It is a quick death though, usually only taking a few seconds.

But, back to my desire for Haggis. I eventually found a site which could send this delicacy to me in a manner which was permitted by Norskie import regulations.. The beast had to be hermetically sealed in a metal container. So now that I knew it was possible, all that was left was which size of Haggis to order, and this was decided by the shipping costs.. £42 to ship a 1 Kg baby Haggis, £38 to ship a spotty teenage 3Kg Haggis, or £42 to ship a fully grown and haired over 10Kg specimen. So that was that decision made, although I'm still trying to figure out why 5Kg was cheaper than 1Kg.

As is always the case with me, at this point I thought that it was best to assign a name to this poor creature, rather than call it 'IT', so thus the good old Scottish name of Hamish was given to this poor little armour clad highland animal which was soon to be travelling to Norway.
Now I've traveled to Norway with Flybe, and SAS. Both of which are fairly competent carriers which tend to fly in straight lines,, point A to point B,, but poor little Hamish was to be entrusted to the care of DHL,, (Which means something like 'Don't Hope Long'),, and their idea of a direct route is from point A to point B, via points C, D, E, F,,etc..
And so his journey began, and to date it goes something like this, according to the DHL tracking system:
23rd January 15.48 : Stuffed in cans and shipped from Edinburgh
23rd January 16.56 : Processed at Edinburgh (Guess that was painful)
23rd January 19.35 : Departed Edinburgh facility (And let's face it departing Edinburgh is GOOD)
24th January  03.42 : Arrived at sort facility Gatwick
24th January  05.23 : Clearance processing complete at Gatwick (I wonder if he had to suffer a full cavity search?)
24th January 08.01 : Departed Gatwick (What a relief,,, that's no place for man nor beast)
25th January 01.43 : Processed at Brussels,, Belguim...
At this point I started to feel really sorry for this poor little traveller. After all he was heading for Norway but getting further away all the time.
25th January 03.01 : Departed Brussels (Happy, but wondering where to hell he would land up next.)
26th January 05.15 : Oslo. Yup that's in Norway, or at least it pretends to be...
Where to hell was the poor little fellow during that 26 hour period between Brussels and Oslo?
This question, and many others, may well be answered when he eventually arrives in Vestnes.

To be continued.......

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's been ages...

I don't know why, but I just suddenly lost interest in writing anything.
That horrible weekend in Copenhagen killed my interest in travel, taking pictures, and human nature all in one quick disaster.
So I've been quiet for a while.
But it's hard to stay quiet when there's so much I want to share, so I'm slowly crawling back to my blog, and maybe, just maybe, we'll get some weather this year which will make it possible to take a few pictures of this wonderful country I stay in which are worth sharing.

In the meantime I have a little story to tell about something which is currently happening:

I'm not sure how much my readers know about Haggis, (try a Google search if you don't know what it is), or better still just wait for the story of "Hamish The Haggis" which will be posted here over the next few days, that way you'll know the real truth about Haggis and how the poor animals life cycle can be so dramatically affected by the interventions of import regulations, international carriers, and my hunger for a taste of Scotland.

I'll post part one of the story tomorrow with information gleaned from the archives of DHL about the trouble Hamish has had in his travels from Scotland to Norway...

Oh, and just in case you think I'm going to write something sensible. You've lost the plot.
If you think I'm going to write something stupid. You're right.
And if you think I've lost the plot... You're wrong. I'm just so very concerned for the welfare of the Haggis, Scotland's most beautiful little animal, which has somehow managed to escape the protection of the World Wildlife Foundation.

Check back tomorrow....

Yun's aa fir enoo.
;) ;)