Friday, February 3, 2012

Hamish the Haggis - Final Chapter..

The bold and beautiful little beast eventually arrived yesterday. Still sealed in the carefully designed shipping container.
After a bit of a struggle with a can opener he was set free and I let him have the freedom of the house. After all he's nearly the most unusual visitor we've had for a while.
 I have to admit I've seen better specimens, but considering the size of his drinks bill for his weekend in Oslo, It's no wonder he was looking a bit rough.
Overnight he was left to roam the house and I was beginning to think that he might just make a better pet than a meal.
Until this morning when I got up to find that the damned little Scottish reprobate had found my bottle of whisky. Now there is one thing I won't accept in this house and that's any form of alcohol abuse, such as spilling it or leaving a beer unfinished. And there is absolutely no way that I will accept any plundering of my whisky reserves.. So exit one pet and tonights meal was prepared.

After all the trouble, worry, and expense of getting him here, I'll end this saga with the best picture I got of him.
Accompanied by baked potatoes and mashed neep (swede/turnip) he suddenly became a severe bulge on my waistline which necessitated the slackening of my belt.

Rest in peace Hamish so bold, in my stomach you'll never grow old.
In this story you've played your part but I'm dreading the morning, you wee Scottish fart.

Yun's aa fir enoo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hamish hasn't arrived yet, BUT.....

..... His accommodation and bar bill (disguised as import duty and taxes) has arrived for his stay in Oslo. Just 822 Kroner, so it's a lot less than I spent the last time we were there.
I did get a phone message today to say that he will be delivered to our door tomorrow.
Once we get him sobered up properly I'll see if he can stand up long enough to get a picture.

Believe me, this topic is going to get worse before it gets better.... ;)

Maybe I'll get sensible again when we get the boat back in the water in a few weeks.. Which reminds me, I have some nice boating pictures to share here.