Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Brighter Day

Well actually, weather wise, that isn't actually accurate. It has been yet another dull, miserable, and sometimes wet day.
But I had my 3 month check-up at the hospital in Molde today. And to put it in automotive terms, I'm good for another 3 months or 3000km, which ever comes first.

I thought about taking a picture of the hospital as an example of an ugly and decaying building but I was afraid that it would break my camera. So I just sneaked a little bit of it into the corner of this picture, with some nicer scenery in the background.
That's looking towards the entrance to Tresfjord. The funny looking white monolith at the left side of the picture is the Rica "Seilet" (The Sail)  hotel. Here's a closer image of it's back side.
It's an impressive building from any angle, but here's a shot which took on a brighter day from the other side.
It's easy to see why it's called 'The Sail'
yun's aa fir enoo.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A few pictures...

Just now and then the clouds disperse for a few hours, or minutes. The sun peeps through and I catch a glimpse of something worth posting about.
Old boats for instance, who can resist them?
Our local 'Tall Ship', 'Auno' came in to the pier here a few days ago. She was carrying a wedding party and they fired off a small cannon as they came into the pier which is why I jumped out of the house with the camera for this lovely shot of her decked out with flags. Pity she wasn't under sail.
The last time we'd seen Auno was in Lerwick last month when she was the first of the 'Tall Ships' to visit.

Another little beauty caught my eye when I came home from work this afternoon, peacefully sailing out the fjord. The 'Hilmara'. Not big but certainly beautiful

And although the sun has only peeped out a few times this summer. The moon was caught having a little peep round the corner of a hill the other night, before he gave up and hid in the clouds as well. ;)

Anyway, we're going to have a run into Tresfjord tomorrow. Annual  market/fair/whatever it's called. Always a great experience, not least of which is the fantastic array of vintage cars which are on display.

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rubbish Weather

This has been such a hellish year for weather here that I've decided to keep a photographic record. The basic idea is to take a picture from the same viewpoint, eg. the front door, every morning. Then I'll stitch the images together in a video.
Here's what I should see when I open the door in the morning. And believe me this sight has been a rarity this year.

The following shots are what has actually been seen over the last few days.

I hate to say it but the 2nd last picture has been most normal this year.
I've still not managed to figure out the reference points for cropping the pictures for this photographic project but when I do I'll produce a video which should show that we have Autumn eternally in 2011.

Oddly enough. The wife tells me that living with a weathersick Shetlander is 'hell on earth'. 
Now I'm not normally a person to complain about any weather, apart from Shetland weather. But this year in West Norway the weather has been absolute ******* **** ***** ***** and even ******.

Please excuse my language, I know it's a bit ***** 
I'll be feeling less weather sick tomorrow, if the forecast is right, so maybe I'll get some of the holiday pictures sorted.

yun's aa fir enoo.
Loard bliss you, een an aa.