Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wille Nelson 2K10 - London Show

Greetings from sunny London.
I'll make a proper post when we get home, but I grabbed a treminal in an internet cafe, to post an appology to a  nice young lady we met after the show.
Rachael, and her mother Ann (hope I got the names right), who I'm sure will be looking into the blog when they have a chance, asked for my email address so they could mail me for Willie pictures. But I'm fairly sure I gave them the wrong email address. I think I left a bit out. instead of ******.****@*****.***, it should have been ******.m.****@*****.*** , if you see what I mean. So if they're reading this I hope they manage to get in touch.
Metting Ann was quite a coincidence, because she had just been on a cruise ship, which called into Shetland, and Geiranger in Norway, where we were last week.
Small world ain't it.

Anyway, we're doing all the tourist things in London. Mainly tripping over other tourists. But walked too much today, so hunting for a pub now which isn't showing the world cup match. That's going to be a tall order.

Yun's aa fir enoo

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