Friday, June 18, 2010

Willie Nelson 2K10 - Me & Paul

Paul English, who I posted a blog about before, is Willie's long time friend and drummer, as well as being a true gentleman.
It was great to see Paul looking so good, so soon after suffering a minor stroke.
I was lucky enough to capture this video of Willie singing the song he wrote about their earlier days. Notable lines in the song suggest that they may have used illegal substances in their earlier days, as well as a helluva lot of whiskey.
But, like many former rebels, these guys have cleaned up their lives and never touch alcohol now.... Although maybe we'll just leave open to interpretation the various recent court cases in America where the FDA agents have persecuted them for enjoying a little smoke of Mary Jane. ;)

Anyway, here's the video. Enjoy:

Yun's aa fir enoo, mair da moarn. (That's all for now, more tomorrow)

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