Sunday, June 6, 2010

High altitude picture...

Just back out from our day trip to Geirangerfjorden, etc...
The day took a little longer than we thought because Honey the Honda eventually let me down, with a burst radiator pipe. She's fixed and happy again, thanks to a very friendly Viking.

Loads of lovely pictures to come, but thought I'd just post a quickie of our guests on top of Dalsnibba, with Geirangerfjorden in the background.
This picture is taken at 1500 metres above sea level.
A few metres short of the 'Mile High Club', but I think they enjoyed it.

More to come, but,

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. Not much point me phoning Jeannie to ask if i can use her SMUHA pictures at the moment then - & who's heating da toon......

  2. HE HE.
    No worries about the heating, da toon is hotter than where they were today. ;) Although it's typical with him on board that it was a heat related pipe that let me down. HE HE

    And Jeannie says, "Please feel free to use any pics you want"