Saturday, June 9, 2012

Been Fishing

This morning was beautiful with hardly a breath of wind. I just wish it had stayed that way. 
Me and Jeemie had decided to go fishing when the tide turned in the early afternoon. Great plan but the wind decided to show how much it could blow a little plastic bathtub/boat about, so we had to give up and come ashore with just a few fish and very little sunburn (thankfully).
Just for the hell of it I took my old Olympus 740 camera out today, mainly to see if it still worked after not being used for 2 years..
It worked beautifully. Here's the view towards home.
 The main reason I wanted to post that picture has nothing to do with fishing or the beautiful scene. It has more to do with another blogger who has posted pictures from the opposite angle.
Randi I'll be thinking about you, and hope that all goes well with the surgery.

Yun's aa fir enoo