Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vestnes to Geiranger

This is one of my favourite road trips in Norway.
South from the E39 at Shøholt, past the east side of Storfjorden, the first stop was Stordal.
A fairly typical valley for this area, with field after field of Strawberries. The main feature of Stordal is the Rose Kirk. Built in 1789 and maybe not spectacular on the outside, but the interior is decorated all over with painted roses, hence the kirk's name.
The next stop was Liabygda, where you get this stunning view west towards stranda.
A few tunnels, and a few kilometres more, we caught the Ferry from Linge, which crosses Nordalsfjorden to Eidsdal.
South the valley from Eidsdal we stopped for this view looking back towards Eidsdal.
That picture was taken from the middle of a series of 4 hairpin bends, the first of many for this day.
Then further south the valley the road reaches about 600 metres high before dropping a little to the viewpoint which gives these scenes of Geiranger and Geirangerfjorden.

To get down to Geiranger there is a series of 11 hairpin bends, then up the end of the valley there are about the same number of hairpin bends to get to the viewpoint above Flydalsjuvet for this scene.
From there we headed south a little bit, and up a helluva lot, with another 24 hairpin bends, to the top of Dalsnibba, which I pictured in my last post.
I'll post more pictures of that bit of the journey next time.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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