Monday, June 14, 2010

London - Pros and Cons

Willie Nelson Concert
Cheap Beer (For a Norwegian)
HMV (80 hours of box set DVDs)

Oxford Street
Cheap beer in a Norwegian Trowie
Bad food
Cramped Hotel
Sore feet

This subject will be expanded in future blogs, especially the Cons....

Can't wait to get back to Norway....

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. You must now have the sore throat, runny nose and red eyes from the smog. I used to hate returning to London from the Thule. You could see the orange/yellow smog dome over the city.
    Folk are in too much of a rush to get no where. They will risk all to get past you for you to find them parked o/s the Kentucky, I would change the t for an ph. Kebabs, greasy chips and salad bars with 1200 calorie pizzas. I know exactly what you are getting at.

  2. The biggest pro is coming home. I always appreciate the peace and quiet and quality of life so much more when I've been away and I have 'new eyes' too. Willie Nelson must have been worth it tho'.