Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holiday Cabins

Many folk think that Norway is an expensive place to visit, and it can be if you want to stay in a hotel, but the most common form of holiday accommodation here is a cabin like this one.
500 Kroner per night, at peak season that rises to 700 Kroner, but it has 3 twin bedrooms so can sleep 6, and has all the things you'd find in your own house, such as digital TV, cooker, freezer, fridge, microwave, etc. etc.. This one even has a fish smoker to smoke any fish which you catch with the boat which, in the case of this cabin, is included in the cabin hire.
There are cabins available in almost every community, and they're always signposted, and even at peak season it's not too hard to find an available one. My personal dream would be to drive the length of Norway, just staying a night here and a night there in cabins like this.
I'll post some internal pics when I remember to take them to give you an idea how nice it is.
Now, must go and entertain our visitors who are staying in this particular cabin.

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