Friday, June 4, 2010

Atlantic Road

Our visitors got a tour out to the Atlantic Road today.
The Atlantic Road is just southwest of Kristiansund, so to get there there from Vestnes, the journey starts with crossing Romsdalsfjorden to the town of Molde. Then the scenic route is around the coast through the village of Bud (pronounced Boo).
We'll get the 'bum shot' out of the way first. For some reason this 'Golden Oldie' got his butt in a few pictures, but that's what happens when you let women take the pictures....
This is the harbour at Bud, and here's a nice grass roofed house there.
For some strange reason they think that visitors to the area want to see seagulls, so on this rock face they've actually created artificial ledges, near the left of the picture, for the birds to s*it on.
The hill behind that picture gives a lovely view over the open sea, and if it wasn't for the curve of the Earth, about 300 miles in this direction you'd see Shetland.
The hill where the picture was taken from was the site of a German defence installation during their occupation of Norway during WW2. Some relics of the occupation still remain, including this gun.
The harbour at Bud is beautiful.
Heading north, here's a odd looking group of small hills at Hustad.
Then comes the Atlantic Road. This is undoubtedly the best view on the road. It looks like it's just disappearing into space.
But this angle shows that it's just because the bridge has a sideways twist in it.
And here's a reverse angle.
The Atlantic Road  (Atlanterhavsveien) links a number of small skerries with causeways and bridges. Construction was started in August 1983, and the road was opened in July 1989.
The bridge in the picture above is called "Storseisundbrua", which in Shetland dialect means "The Muckle Saithe Soond Brig", and the nearest I can come in English would be "The Large Coalfish Channel Bridge"

On the way home, here's a nice shot of Batnfjorden. Everything is looking very green now, although it's still a tad cold.
Tomorrow we're heading inland towards Geiranger, so watch out for the next post. Should be some nice pics.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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