Monday, June 7, 2010

Geiranger to Eidsdal

Just before we got back to Geiranger we found this interesting remnant of the old road. "Knuten" (The Knot)
The road passes under a bridge. then turns 270 degrees to come back over the bridge. Here's a picture from the top.
It's been kept open for cars, and makes an interesting little detour.

Back in Geiranger itself we got this panorama shot showing some of the road in the south side of the village. An interesting point is the small road which goes to the farm, top centre. I drove out that road a couple of years ago, but have been advised by the other half not to do that again when she's with me.
Here's part of the harbour area, with a nice reflection in the calm water.
There's really not much worth seeing in the village itself, it's just one big tourist trap, with souvenir shops everywhere. But we spotted this old house which looks like it's been built round, or into, the rock.
We also came across this curiosity....
After climbing back up 11 hairpin bends to get out of Geirangerfjorden we had a peek at this nice waterfall.
Half way down the valley towards Eidsdal there's a beautiful lake called Eidsvatnet. This is the view south across it.
And the mountains on its east side.
Further down the valley we encountered some relatives of mine.

I took some views from the ferry across to Linge.
And this view back to the village of Eidsdal.
And the other ferry going the opposite way.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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