Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ålesund Aquarium

I've been to this aquarium several times and enjoyed each visit. However I never realised just how good it was until I paid much more for entry to one in London, just to see tropical fish and a few sharks.

Ålesund have really cracked the aquarium experience by showing the fish which we all recognise, because we eat them. Next time I go there I'm taking my Piltock waand (Coalfish rod) with me.

Taking photographs in an aquarium is difficult, if nor damned near impossible, but here's a few to give an idea of what they have.
First is a tank of Herring (Norwegian name: Sild).
A Hailbut (Norwegian name: Kveite), a female one which has a name which I can't remember. She's well over 3 foot long.
The cod (Norwegian name: Torsk)
More Cod.
And a cod being closely observed by a Catfish/Wolf fish. I'm not quite sure which name is the common UK name, but it's known as both, and it's an evil sod at its business end, with fangs like a Saber Tooth Tiger. Shetland name: Steenbiter, (Norwegian name: Steinbit)
One of the large shallow tanks has an amazing number of Rays in it, which come to the surface to greet people, and they love to be petted. Kids just love that.
One of the craziest things I've seen there was this flat fish. I'm not well enough versed in flats to know which species this is, but what fascinated me was the way it did a dance, head above water, and sprouted water. It was a real showman.
Somehow the aquarium diversified a bit, possibly as a way to get rid of excess fish, and acquired a small colony of Penguins. They've  successfully hatched chicks this year, so must go for another visit soon.

As I said earlier, photographs in an aquarium just don't come out very good, so here's a tip. Use a video camera. And in the Ålesund aquarium the best time to use a video is when they feed the fish.

The darkest looking fish in there are adult Coalfish. Shetland name: Saithe (Norwegian name: Sei). Norwegians call all Coalfish 'Sei', although they do differentiate by size. Små (Small) Sei, Sei, and Stor (Large) Sei. This is one area of language where Shetland has Norway beaten completely. Sillock, Piltock, and Saithe sound far better. Just wish I had a plate of Sillocks for my supper now...

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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