Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm weathersick,,,

And that's a helluva thing for a Shetlander to say...
This summer has been a S.H.I. ning example of how global warming just doesn't exist.
Maybe me and Jeemie caused the problem by thinking we should launch the boat at the beginning of April. We've had a few fishing trips, a few fish, been pissed on by rain, etc.. But we'll keep trying.
It's always worth having a few hours in the boat when there's scenery like this.
Looking in towards the end of Tresfjorden.
Looking east past Bakknesset (guess I spelled that wrong).
Occasionally I allow the crew to use a camera, hence this image of me.
But he only got to take one shot. I got this one of him with a little fish.
And then this image of the relaxed fisherman after he had gutted about 80 Sillocks (Småsei i Norsk) (Small Coalfish in English)..
And, yes, he got sunburned. ;)

More fishing and boating pictures coming soon. And I have to catch up on a few other things which I meant to post about... Here's a taster..
Weather permitting we're heading out sometime in the next couple of days for a small road trip since my youngest daughter is here on holiday. I think we'll head up through Kristiansund, then on to Trondheim. A likely detour from there will be a stop in Hell (Google search for 'Hell, Norway'). Then maybe down to Røros and Tynsett, before heading over into Sweden for a chance to drive on some decent roads.

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.

Da Auld Een