Sunday, June 6, 2010

Geiranger to Dalsnibba

Before we set out for Dalsnibba, our guests had a little cuddle while sitting on Queen Sonja's seat.
The seat was erected overlooking Geiranger in her honour, in appreciation for all the work she has done to promote the area. It's likely the most sat upon seat in Norway, and the most photographed.
The seat is above Flydalsjuvet (Flydals Gorge), and heres a vertical panorama of the gorge. It's a couple of hundred feet deep and this picture is taken from a stone overhang which one of our guests was to scared to venture onto.
So we headed south up the valley, hairpin after hairpin, until we reached this beautiful frozen lake, Djupvatnet, (the deep lake), at 1000 metres.

From there many more hairpin turns on a gravel road took us to the top of Dalsnibba at 1500 M.O.H. (meter over havet) (metres above sea level). The view back towards Geirangerfjorden is amazing, and I have more mountain pics which I'll deal with later.

The next three pictures really have to be clicked on, and zoomed, to see the detail. It's well worth the clicks.
Some of the twists and turns in the road can be seen in this picture looking down from Dalsnibba.

And here's another view where the road looks just like a pipe laid over the ground, or maybe a snake.
Here's the sign to prove that we were there. And yes, I bought a T-shirt from the souvenir shop as added proof, along with a badge which I now proudly wear.
The sign says toilets, but they were out of order, likely still frozen, so a pee stop before the mountain climb is advised since there ain't no bushes or trees to go behind at this altitude.

Since I was too busy driving on the way up I didn't take any pics, but since I now knew the road was good, I took a few pics on the way down.

This view down to Djupvatnet  and the smaller lake of Langevatn at it's far end is impressive, but you don't really want to know how steep the drop from the edge of the road is.
Peerie Trowie tells me that this is the first, and last, time that we're ever going up that road.
I'm going to have to agree with her there because I never want to lose the enjoyment of driving on such a great road just because I have a car full of women. Next time I drive that road it will have to be with something sporty, preferably rear wheel drive, and  I will have FUN!!!!

Anyway, from there we went back down through Geiranger, where we got Knotted,,,,,
But, that's another post. ;)

Yun's aa fir enoo


  1. Wanting anymore visitors???

  2. ooh gorgeous and spectacular scenery. You are blessed to live in such a beautiful place

  3. We'd be delighted to show any visitors around. It's a great place and I never get tired of looking at it myself.