Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aerial Photos

On our recent flight back from Heathrow to Gardermoen I snapped a few nice pictures.
Heathrow airport.
The rest are over south Norway.
The first one is Kristiansand.
Next, just northeast from there is the small town of Lillesand.
Lillesand to the left, and Grimstad to the right.
Arendal to the right. The sea inlet to the town is Galtesund.
Arendal to the left, with the island of Tromøya in the foreground.
60 odd kilometres further northeast the town of Kragerø. The sea to the left is Kilsfjorden.
The next one is the town of Helle, at the west end of Hellefjorden.
30ish kilometres further is Friefjorden which has the town of Porsgrunn on its east shore.
Porsgrunn, where most of the porcelain products in Norway are produced. So anybody visiting Norway is sure to make use of something made in this town.
This picture was just unusual as you can see where the river which runs down to Larvik has bypassed a large twist in its course sometime in the past.
This bay is called Sandebukta with the village of Sande to the north.
The valley north of Sande.
Inner Oslofjorden, looking towards Sandvika at the west side of Oslo.
Oslo harbour in the centre
Oslo. You can see the royal palace surrounded by a bit of green, to the left of top centre.
Railway lines.
North side of the town.
The next 3 pictures are just nice countryside shots.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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