Saturday, June 5, 2010

Willie Nelson 2K10 - Trigger

With just one week to go before we see Willie Nelson and Family in London, I thought it was worth posting a little bit of my excitement here.
Trigger, Willie's famous guitar, has a sound which I can recognise just the same as most folk will recognise the current ringtone on their cellphone. But, compared to a ringtone, it's just out of this world.

Battered, bruised, worn through, and showing the miles it has travelled, Willie's old friend Trigger has to be the ultimate guitar in country music.
Trigger is a Martin N-20 which Willie bought in 1969.
He'd 'somehow' damaged the guitar he had at the time, and sent it to Shot Jackson in Nashville to get fixed. But Willie was told that it was beyond repair.
I think at this point the phone call went something along the lines of, "Have you got something else?" And Shot said, "I've got a Martin on the shelf for $750". Willie asked, "Can I have it with the same Baldwin pick-up as my old one?" And Trigger was born.

Willie knew from the first time he laid a pick near a string that he was into something special, and it's a relationship which has lasted ever since.

I just have to hear one string picked on Trigger to recognise it, and next Friday night I'm going to enjoy at least one and a half hours of that sound.

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  1. absolutly awesome post. I love that guitar for sure!