Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's happening, and about to happen.....

Firstly, on the grim side of things, an event I'm not looking forward to. They're setting up, in the car park next door to us, for a music concert which starts tomorrow night, and ends in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Considering the size of the beer tent, it looks like being a rowdy weekend.
Some of the music at night will be great, and we don't need to buy tickets to enjoy it, so that's OK. But there will be young 'pop crap' on during the day on Saturday, so we're heading to town.
Which leads me to the next horror story about to happen. 'She who tells me what to wear', thinks I need a new suit, and somewhere in the conversation pin stripes were even mentioned, but what in the name of all that's Holy do I need a suit for? If it was a dungaree suit I could understand, since that's the Shetland national dress. ;)
Enough of shopping thoughts, it's giving me the shivers...

Something really nice that's happening. Our rose bushes are starting to bloom so I took a few pictures.
The last one is a Peace Rose. Can't remember the names of the others, but they're all beauties. This area is particularly suited for growing roses, thanks to the climate, and in fact Molde is known as 'The Town of Roses'.

Another up and coming event is the holidays. A whole month off work, YUK!!
But we're going to do a bit of exploring, so that should produce some nice picture posts here. Our first planned trip comes about because I have to go for a CT scan (to see if I'm really pregnant, or if it's just a beer belly) on the 20th, in Molde. We've decided to take a little road trip after the scan, and before my next appointment with the docs in Trondheim again. From Molde we're going to head west through Otrøy and Midøy, then over the outer end of the fjord to Brattvåg. From there we're going down the coast to Måløy, and all points in between, before pitching the tent wherever we fancy. After that, we haven't planned yet, but I'm fairly sure I'll dig up some interesting scenery to post about.

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. A new suit! I don't even have an old one LOL!

  2. To be totally honest, I'm only comfortable in a boilersuit, or as I said a suit of dungarees. But, apparently there is something afoot which requires such horrid attire. ;)
    It was the mention of pin stripes which really unsettled me... I've heard that vertical stripes can make a fat person look slim, but around my middle the stripes would spread out like the railway lines at a shunting yard. LOL

  3. Nightmare indeed - my suit from our wedding has just been sent to the dry cleaners as we'll be at Erik's wedding in a fortnight. Shame we cannot wear our Dickies...