Saturday, July 10, 2010

I survived the shopping trip,,,, just.

What do women find so great about shopping??
It's an entirely overrated pastime, in fact it's a waste of time, energy, etc.. But, it's done now, and hopefully that is the last time I have to suffer clothes shopping for a very long time.
I absolutely hate having to try clothes on in these weird little cubicles, the best description I've read of what can go wrong in these situations was recently posted on Magnie's blog, "Cats, Clouds, & Flatpacks" . Well I was lucky in having non of his misfortune, and Peerie Trowie said that I looked slim in the suit I bought. This statement has to be qualified by the statement that all fat folk look slim in black.
Maybe the fact that the waistline is 11 inches smaller than the last suit I bought gives some weight to her observation though.

We ended up with reasonable weather for the trip to town, by that I mean it wasn't pissing rain. We took the Hurtigbåt (fast boat), which is the 'water taxi' between Vestnes and Molde. It takes less than 20 minutes to cross the 11km and, although it's more expensive than the ferry, the terminal is just 50 metres from our door.
Here's a picture of the boat.
Normal operating speed is roughly 27 knots, and it's great fun when they take the shortcut to Molde through the sound between the islands, as it's a tight twisting channel. They did that today but the skipper was scared and slowed down which kinda spoiled it. I have a video somewhere of the journey through the sound, so I'll try to post that at a later date.

Molde just didn't look nice today, all grey and dull.
One small, and very old, cruise ship in port.
But I did manage to capture a picture of a very rare species in Norway, and without a doubt it was the best 73 kroner I spent today.
So, home laden with bags of shopping, slept for a few hours on the couch, cooked and ate dinner, watched "The Royal" on NRK1, and now we have to suffer night 2 of this damned music stupidity.

It's called the "Vestnes Musikkverksted", which translates as 'Music Workshop'. I was careful to get the spelling right so that google search engines can find the following statement.
I love all music, from opera to punk, but the sound engineer on this event should have his gonads introduced to a rusty knife at the earliest possible opportunity.

yun's aa fir enoo,
where did I put my ear defenders......


  1. since moving to Shetland I do most of my clothes shopping on the internet - hubby is ecstatic! When I lived in Tasmania and New Zealand there were no decent clothes shops! We're about to go to Newcastle - it's time to reintroduce him to the hell of shopping malls - he must go through the retail ring of fire! Mad cackle - puff of smoke!

  2. I absolutely feel for the hell he's about to experience. Poor chap.
    Break him in to it gently by buying him a glass of Stella Artois first. It eases the pain.

    Peerie Trowie tells me that I have been an absolutely "Grumpy old bu**er" all day. And she's right.....
    But, looking on the bright side, there are no shops open in Norway on Sunday.
    So maybe I'll manage a non grumpy post tomorrow.

  3. I think sound engineers must are castrated (or deafened) in the process of becoming one, only reason I can think of that makes them totally mess up good sounding bands. Grrr.... Why can we get a good mix ourself and record good tracks ourselves then go to a gig and have a nightmare.

    As for shopping, that's even worse. I buy a few of everything once a year. If it's cheap and looks OK I try it on, if it is OK and fits I buy a few, may be in different colours. Years shopping over LOL!

  4. Yup Kev, agree entirely with your clothes shopping philosophy. Once a year is plenty. But how do we get the women to learn this simple lesson?

    And, at last the music has died. Rumour has it that the sound engineer was castrated by an angry Viking, but I think that's wrong, I think he just got drunk and fell over like all the rest.