Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random thought...

Some days the old grey matter has trouble sorting out important facts from minor details, or major problems from minor hic-ups.
Today has been one of those days, so here's a few thoughts I came up with.

My one has died, and just after I spent nearly 500 kroner on new ink cartridges. If however I buy a new one which can use the same cartridges, and since it's a very recent model that is possible, the new one will come with a set of cartridges worth about 500 kroner. Thus, since the machine will only cost about 800 kroner I will have a printer which costs nothing... Is that logical, crazy, or have I missed something?

I've been trying for ages now to come up with meals which don't rely too much on having a decent potato, purely because there haven't been any for ages. Tonight I decided I'd make Stovies, which nicely disguises bad potatoes, and guess what, the first new potatoes have arrived in the shops.

10 seconds after I crawled out from under a 580Kg lump of metal today it collapsed. God was I lucky, but my angle grinder wasn't so lucky and it had to have a rather premature journey to the great electrical scrapyard. There but for the grace of whoever is looking out for me.

I went to work yesterday morning with a winter jacket on, but Norwegian weather turns quickly and now I am sporting a flashy line in shorts, singlet, and white flesh. Don't worry, no pictures of the white bits are allowed.
The temperature only got to 24C in the shade, but our Sitterie Ooterie climbed the scale to 54.7C, at which point the electronic thermometer decided it had had enough, and just said "Hi".
At this point I think the heat got to my brain cell, I got poetic again, and the result is here:
Dis Wadder

And finally,
For over 2 years I've been plagued by sore feet, and what I thought were warts. I've treated them with every thing the chemist had to offer, including some damned freezer thing which made me hit the ceiling and utter profanities which have never been heard before from such a well spoken mouth as mine, but all to no avail.
On Monday, I eventually conceded defeat (the feet,,,), went to a chiropodist, and whooppeeeee!!!!
Cured, and it wasn't warts to begin with, it was ingrown hard skin, which I've never heard about before.
Anyway, best 400 kroner I've ever spent in my life. I feel like I'm walking on air now.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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