Friday, July 9, 2010

Random ramblings, from a very random brain cell...

Sometimes my old grey matter locks on to totally weird things. Here's a few of the latest ones:

They really are weird little creatures, but the last few days we have witnessed some really strange behaviour. Several wasps have taken a liking to the handle of an old brush which sits before the door for sweeping the path.
They come and sit on the handle and jiggle about like a male Jack Russel Terrier on a persons leg. Even spraying them with a deterrent fails to put them off their amorous  passion for this old bit of wood. Although a  close encounter with a dust-buster fixes them completely, and once sucked up they can play happily with the ants, bees, and other beasties which have had to be bug-busted lately.
And speaking of dust-busting bees. 'She who operates the dust-buster' sucked a bee off the lace curtains once, just after she had sucked up some spilled flour. Imagine how the bee looked when he was let loose on the lawn. Albino. LOL

Lawn mowing.
Since there is very little soil in our garden, apart from the flower beds, we don't exactly have a beautifully manicured lawn. It's really more like a moss garden, which is very popular in Japan I believe.
When I mowed the lawn today, it occurred to me that most things which were prolific in our lawn, apart from the moss, began with the letter D - Dandelions, Daisies, Dust, and Dog Poop. The latter being a calling card from a very friendly dog called Sonja who visits us occasionally, but completely fails to understand my Shetland accent,, well that's her excuse I guess.

I failed to get a decent picture of the wasp with the wood fetish, and I thought a picture of the dog poop might not be advisable, but my last Weird item can only be appreciated with a picture:

Mega Horn.
Well it's the only name I can think of for it. It's being built at the yard where I work. 18 metres long, 6 metres diameter at the wide end, tapering to 1m at the narrow end. It has to be the most photographed thing ever produced in the yard, even a newspaper has picked up on it.
What is it? Well it is a sculpture which goes by the name of 'Talerøret' (rough translation 'talk pipe'). It's really just a scaled up loud horn, and it's destined for Trondheim. Initially, after it's galvanised, painted, etc., it will be located in one of the town squares, next to Our Ladies Church. I can imagine it will be amusing for folk, we've certainly had some fun with it. The amplification is amazing. A small radio, sitting in the narrow end, sounded like a massive stereo system.
I'll maybe dig up more about it after it's finished/installed, but for the meantime it's the biggest "Looderhorn" (Shetland word) I've ever seen.
Hopefully the next post will be slightly more sensible, although that's unlikely. ;)

Yun's aa fir enoo

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