Sunday, July 11, 2010

A walk in them thar hills.

We had been thinking of going for a drive somewhere today, but when I looked out the door this morning I saw some lovely clouds over our local mountains.
At the bottom left of that picture there's a place I've always wanted to go to, Salthammersetra. One of the cabins can be seen from our house when the light is right, heres a pic I took last week.
So them thar hills was our objective. We drove part of the way, up to about 180metres, then from there we hiked the rest of the way. It's only about 1 kilometre, but it rises a further 250 metres. 3 years (and 40kg) ago, I would never have contemplated such a walk, but it is easy now, and I soon left Peerie Trowie behind.
The heat was a tad much, about 25C, and walking among trees there's no breeze to cool you down.
Once we got up to the setter the first scene I liked was this lonely little tree. They don't grow big at this height.
And here's the cabin I'd seen from home.
And some more cabins hidden between the hill and the mountains.
But what we really came up here for was the scenery. Here's 3 panorama shots over Romsdalfjorden.
The first one has the entrance to Tomrefjorden to the left. And across Midsund is the island of Otterøya.
This one shows Julsundet, the sound between Otterøya and the mainland, and to the right is part of the town of Molde.
This one shows the rest of Molde, with the entrance to Tresfjorden in the foreground, and Vestnes at the bottom.
A little bit more of a walk and I got this lovely panorama looking towards home.
Then it was time to head back down. We decided to cross the river to Hellandsetra, another small setter a bit lower down. Here's today's 'bum' shot ;)
It was a bit of a jungle.
The river is easy to cross at this time of year, it's just a trickle.
Some of the cabins at Hellandsetra.
And here's a rare one we found on the way down. There are very few stone built cabins around, or stone built anything else come to think of it.
I felt kinda sad for the tree on the right of this picture. Dead, but still standing.
There's a lot of iron in the ground in that area, judging by the rusty colour of the water in the small streams.
All things considered, a lovely afternoon out. Although my legs will suffer tomorrow, not from the walk up, but for some reason my leg muscles just hate walking down hill.

yun's aa fir enoo.

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