Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trolls and Trowies

Trolls are very much part of Norwegian folklore and I love hearing stories about their activities, which were usually on a grand scale, such as taking bites out of mountains. 
Trolls  really don't fit into Shetland folklore, with the possible exception of the 2 giants (maybe Trolls), Saxa and Herma, who had a fight at the North end of Unst. Two of the stones they threw at each other fell in the sea and became the islets of Muckle Flugga and Out Stack.

Trows, or Trowies, however are very well documented in Shetland folklore. They're the small people who usually get the blame for most things which go wrong. I suppose they're a little like Gremlins, or maybe the Norwegian Nisse, with a tendency to be rather mischievous in their deeds, which is perhaps how 'she who must be obeyed' got the nickname Peerie Trowie. ;)
Anyway, my Peerie Trowie is going to drag me around the shops in Molde today. I was hoping it would be a nice sunny day so I could get some nice pictures of the town to post later, but the weather is absolute crap.
Which brings me back to Trolls.

This weekend's musical extravaganza, in the car park next door, has angered the Trolls.
As soon as the first note from an instrument being tuned was heard the Trolls became active. Perhaps one of them sneezed, because a mini tornado appeared and blew down part of the security fence.
Later all the Trolls began to cry and the event was deluged by rain. I guess it was the badly set up sound system which upset the Trolls, it certainly upset me.
This morning there was obvious evidence of the Trolls wrath. This is what is left of one of the tents.

Anyway, off to the shops,,,, mutter,, mutter,,, curse,,, mutter,, curse,,,,
(exits post, still muttering and cursing about shopping)

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