Saturday, July 17, 2010

Todays laugh

As an occasional observer of the Shetland Museum and Archives website, I stumbled across this little fiasco tonight.
In true Shetland museum style the following link leads to a classical moment in Shetland humour. A document which can only be appreciated if you're prepared to stand on your head.

Gunnister Man
Maybe that's how the man was buried, so perhaps the museum is being factually accurate.
I doubt it.


  1. Think the laugh may be on you Auld Een LOL! It's a pdf of a leaflet so it is meant to be folded over, The full Gunnister man is inside when youopen it out. If you print it and do it you'll see LOL!!

  2. HA HA,, well spotted Kev.
    I've got so used to images on the Museum site being backwards that I just assumed this was yet another one.
    Some of their best are pictures which they have marked as 'unknown' because they had reversed the negative.