Friday, July 16, 2010

A little walk to the chiropodist

Following on from the success of my first visit to a real foot doctor, I had a return visit this evening.
This time I had to walk there. For two reasons. Firstly, I can walk great distances now thanks to her amazing work on my poor old feet, and secondly, since our holidays had just started, a beer or two had been imbibed.
It's just over 1km to the foot doctor, but it's amazing how many pictures opportunities present themselves.

Here's a great example of the connection with the sea in this area. They may have a car parked in the driveway, but far more important is the boat moored at their own private pontoon.
The boat is a Tresfjord 26 or 28 (not sure which without a tape measure), perhaps one of the best looking sea going craft I've seen for ages.
 The next thing I saw, worthy of a snap, was this tree. How old is it? It just can't fit into a single frame.
 And then this little chap crossed my path.
 I said hello, or maybe more precisely,  "Aye Aye boy, fu's du?" Well obviously he didn't understand my Shetland dialect. He kinda turned away in disgust...
That translation of his attitude is courtesy of Peerie Trowie. You don't have to understand Norwegian to get the meaning. LOL

Anyway, while I was in the area I took the chance of a picture of a little island which lies just offshore from Vestnes. 'Feøya' is a lovely little island which is privately owned. On it there is a cross which marks a burial mound, supposed to be about 1000 years old, and assumed to be a viking burial site. Must try to find out more about that.

This picture is a double barreled one. I was actually interested in the bush, which is a different colour of a thing we have growing in the garden, but then I noticed the architectural screw-up. That house deserves a prize for... well maybe not.
The road I was on was a narrow side road, with traffic calming measures in place, and as usual, my favourite Norwegian signpost was present. I just love these signs. Always reminds me of Heinz baked beans.

Looking towards home, the reverse shot of my first picture, this shows the view towards Gamlebrua (The old bridge). There are 3 bridges across the head of the voe, The old bridge, the new bridge, and the new new bridge. Crazy I know, but it's just the way that the road system had to develop rapidly over time. The old one is over 150 years old, a simple structure of stone and wood, but an ideal place to stand for ages, watching the water ebb and flow, and realise that time doesn't really matter,,,, unless you've left something on the cooker.
The next picture is just something interesting I saw on the end of a garage. In the local context it's normal, but having recently seen posts on Shetlink from folk panicking when they saw a few scavenging birds shot, or a few Selkies terminated, I wonder what those tree hugging liberals would think of a trophy like this?
I'm one of these softies who couldn't hurt a fly, well, OK, maybe a fly, if it's bugging me. But, some animals, and birds have to be controlled, Deer being one of them, and anyway, it tastes good. YUM YUM.

Quickly exiting that subject, just in case any Shetlinkers with tree/seal/bird hugging tendencies happen to be reading this,,,, (God they make me feel sorry for Shetland).

I'll end with a nice picture of what I think is the most beautiful little house in the village.
Can't say nothing more after that image.

A'm geeng. ;)


  1. I've collected a few of those skulls and antlers in my time.... red deer antlers from the Duke of Beuafort's Estate in deepest darkest englandshire - seems like a previous lifetime ago now....

  2. I'm trying really hard not to post pics of Selkie skins. ;) Maybe a Reindeer skin would be OK, but then perhaps I'd have to worry about the Santa huggers. LOL

  3. Beautiful pictures from our area, seen with other eyes. Thank you for your comment on my blog. You're right, this is much better than weed.

    Have a nice weekend!

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