Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Only in Norway,,,,

Or maybe more precisely, only in West Norway.

Yup, back to the weather again. On Sunday the temperature hit 27C, yesterday it managed 13C, and this morning,,, I put on a winter jacket. By lunchtime I put on a winter jumper (Shetland Word - Gansey) (Norsk word - Genser). So it's absolutely no surprise that by 8pm tonight it's T-shirt weather again.
I keep telling myself that I'll get used to the weather. I just wish my body would listen.

Another thing that this weird weather causes is confusion amongst the birds. All the Sparrows and Tits are now on round two of their nesting ritual, and I won't be surprised to see a third nesting spree. The Great Tits are back making babies in our ventilator so I have a cunning plan for them for next year. I was going to block off the ventilator, but instead I'm going to install a webcam before next season. Should be interesting.
Also on the subject of birds. What has happened to the crazy Magpies this year? Maybe the crows have won the battle and finished off all the young, because by this time of year there should be dozens of the little devils prancing about and being taught by their parents how to eat dog poop,,,,, YUK!!!!

The garden. That's something else which the weather has rather screwed up this year. Everything is late by about a month. We're starting to get some nice results with the roses, and just for scale I took this picture to show how big the blooms on out Peace Rose are.
My hand isn't big, but that rose sure is. It measured 17cm at it's widest.
And another mini success is this.
The first decent looking Strawberry in our little planter in the Sitterie Ooterie. West Norway is a fantastic place for Strawberries (Norsk word - Jordbær), but more about that in a later post.

Still in the garden. This 'little' rose bush is just about to come into bloom. It's a climbing rose, but due to a lack of control it has become a bit of a problem. Yes, the door is underneath the right side of it, and when I open the door in the morning I either get a shower of water from the bush, if it's been raining, or get met by a face full of spider webs if my little pets have been busy.
I've no idea what the name of the rose is, but I've nicknamed it Hitler, since it seems to be hell bent on global domination.

I'm rambling again, but before I stop I just had to find somewhere in a post for this picture I took on Sunday. It's colourful enough to belong in a post about the garden, and especially under the heading 'Only in Norway'

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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