Monday, July 19, 2010

That new suit I bought....

Suits are serious devices of torture, and I had to wear my new one today for a little trip to town.
The town of Molde was a bit chaotic today since the Jazz Festival starts today, which means that the only decent street through town was closed to traffic. So it took a lot of bad words about the other roads before we got to our destination.
Weather, as usual was a bit rubbish, but I took a few nice pictures from the ferry.
There was a cruise ship in port, the 'Black Watch'.
Here's the posh residential area of the harbour.
And another small cruise ship coming in, the 'Adriana III'.

Oh, nearly forgot what I started to post about. The reason for wearing the suit.
Simple, I eventually got around to making an honest woman of my Peerie Trowie.
Here's the official wedding picture.
Ooops! that's the unofficial one, here's the real one. ;)
Peerie Trowie always looks good when she gets her national dress on, and I scrubbed up not too bad.

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. Many congratulations to you both. Hope you'll both be very happy. Love the National dress.
    John and Sue

  2. Thanks JRandSue.
    We're as happy as any 'teenagers' like us could be. We're heading of tomorrow for a honeymoon 'on the coast'. Not sure which coast yet, but should be some interesting posts over the next week, and certainly some lovely scenery pics.


  3. Woo Hoo, congratulations, didn't realise it was that sort of suit you were after!

    I've just been reminded by my mam that I need something for a wedding we're at when we're 'sooth'. Not mentioning it to Clare, I'm sure I'll have 'something' to wear LOL

  4. Congratlutions to you both - & hope your Shetland honeymoon goes well.
    :) :)

  5. Thanks Kev & Kozetland1
    Maybe see you on our trip to Shetland, if we manage to crawl out of bed for a little while. ;)

  6. Whoohoo indeedie! Congratulations and best wishes to you both on your wedding! Kareen