Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ålesund Boat Festival

Since the temperature was rising quickly this morning there was only one thing to do. Head for the coast.
A quick ckeck of what was on revealed the Ålesund Boat Festival. Only 60km away, and both me and Peerie Trowie love Ålesund.

Busy place today. On the streets is was a case of 'short steps' and 'long uns', to use a phrase from a James Herriot book. The harbour looked great, with boats worth more than the British national debt.
Have a close look at the bottom left of this first picture. Kids were having great fun 'Walking on Water'. These little blow up bubbles gave the kids so much pleasure, and was real fun to watch.
Just another nice shot, this is by far my favourite harbour scene in Norway.
Then we were treated to a display from the local rescue services.

Most notable of all the rescue services in Norway is 330 squadron, the helicopter rescue service. This was the first time that my Peerie Trowie had seen anything like this live, although as a Shetlander it's very common place to me, having watched many such displays by the Coastguard Search and Recue helicopter, Oscar Charlie
 Here's a couple of minutes of video from the display.

Here's a real boat which raised sails and headed out the fjord.
But the star of the day for me was this boat, The Heland.
She has a massive connection with Shetland, and I have so many pictures, that this will have to wait until tomorrow, and a special post all about her.

Yun's aa fir enoo.


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  2. Like the 2 bottom boats. Dream dream dream....

  3. It was a very special day, but that's always the case with Ålesund, it's just a fantastic place.
    Boats, and yes there were a few, but the real beauties in Ålesund are at the museum. Been there once, and a return visit is on the cards soon. Watch for future posts.