Friday, July 23, 2010

Today's mystery location in Shetland

Been wandering around today, enjoying Shetland's summer for this year,
As I've said before, Shetland has a beautiful summer, if you happen to be there on that particular day.

Since Kozetland 1 was so quick to get the last 2 locations perfect, very quickly, I had to try for something a bit harder today,
Try this one.
If Kozetland gets this one, I'll definitely buy him a beer, or three.

Yun's aa fir enoo


  1. hmmmmmm - thats a little harder... might need a clue as to which general area of Shetland that is - my first thought was just south of Lerwick but the beach may be a little too big....need an area clue for that one.

  2. Still leaning towards Gulberwick - if you had been visiting the graveyard just south of Trebister.

  3. Dammit man you are good,
    That's about 3 pints I owe you.

    I'll come up with something impossible tomorrow.


  4. Shetland looks beautiful loads of photographic opportunities I bet, look forward to seeing some more. Best wishes Kev