Sunday, July 25, 2010

Todays mystery location....

If Kozetland1 gets this one I think I'll eat my hat.
For everybody else, here's a clue.
It's a lane in Lerwick.

Exiting post now, chuckling happily. I think I've beat Kozetland1 this time.

He He.


  1. Well I can see its a lane in lerwick but dont know the name of them anyway lol!

  2. Did get the other 2. Kayak from gulberwick before so that was easy. Struggling to keep up on mobile. Going to do some geo caching when back. B-)

  3. I have to admit that my Peerie Trowie wife took the picture, and if she hadn't told me which lane it was I'd be clueless as well. For a Norwegian, she knows more about Lerwick than I do. LOL!!!
    Looking forward to geo pics Kev. So many parts of Shetland look very different from the sea. Makes me wish I was young enough to play around with a kayak. :)

  4. Aaar - you have got me on that one. I recall the 'lean to' near the bottom of the picture so its one of the lanes to the south end of Commercial street. Its also one that curves slightly and it has side lanes and is steep - maybe Pirate or Hangcliff lane.

  5. Kozetland1, one of your 2 guesses is right. 50/50 chance, which one do you think it is?

  6. thats harsh....surely a one or the other is worth a bit of hat nibbling......

  7. Nope, judges decision is final, must have a 'final answer'. HE HE!!!

  8. Spot on, guess I'll have to eat my hat after all.
    Chomp, chomp,,,,,,