Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random thoughts from Shetland

It's not often I get a chance to see the winch frames I make, as a finished article, so seeing this ship in Scalloway I just had to take a couple of pics,
Then we went for a bit of a hike in the hills, since it was a beautiful day. Looking west towards Foula, on the horizon.
And north over the Tingwall Valley.
Scenes like those are what make Shetland what it is. Barren and beautiful.
But the days of seeing scenes like those are fast coming to an end. All too soon it will be impossible to take a picture of Shetland without getting at least one of these damned things in the frame.
A great scene totally spoiled. GRRRRR!!!!
Maybe this is the future of photography in Shetland. Arty farty pictures of whirlygigs.
Of course coastal scenes will not be damaged by the windmills, but no doubt the Shetland Islands Council will manage to find some way to bugger up the coastline in their drive to destroy Shetland as quickly, and as expensively, as they can.
So I'd better take as many pictures of the coast now, so I can sit in the unspoiled beauty of Norway and remember Shetland as it should be.
Shetland in years to come will be re-defined in most descriptive documents. Most likely something like this:

"Shetland: Natural beauty, buggered by elected representatives"

Yun's aa fir enoo

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  1. hehehe... guess you don't like the whirly windy mills then. Well they certainly will spoil the view, I get annoyed enough with power lines an telegraph poles, never mind fish and mussel farms.

    Guess when I get back up you'll be back across!