Saturday, April 17, 2010

Winter returns

I knew I changed those wheels on the car too soon.
But at least what's falling from the sky isn't volcanic ash, it's white stuff. We've had wet snow most of the day, and above about 100 metres it's blanketing the mountainsides quite nicely.

'My mountains' look particularly nice when freshly coated. It almost looks like the nearest one has had a line drawn around it's edge.
So, since it looks wintery outside, there's only one thing to do. Have a feed of Pinnekjøt, the local version of salt mutton, along with smoked sausage, neeps, and tatties. Yum Yum.
And a little dram along with it to balance out the fatty mutton.
This meal is actually the traditional Christmas meal, but we like it so much that we have it quite often.
Incidentally, the traditional drink with pinnekjøt is Aquavit, but that tastes like, well, something I'd rather not describe. So I have a small mention of the Scottish version of Aquavit, Whisky. :)

Aquavit, like whisky, comes in many brands, but 'she who says it's good' prefers 'Linie Aquavit'. That brand has been matured in casks whilst on board ships traveling all over the world. Apparently the climate variations give it a more distinctive flavour. I still think I'd rather drink tap water.

Yun's aa fur enoo :)

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  1. I'm wiv de on da dram - glad to hear du's nae covered wi ash du kens.