Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Greetings from Trondheim

Just a quick post to say that we survived my driving from Vestnes to Trondheim yesterday.
Weather wasn't too great for pictures, and both me and Honey the Honda weren't really in the mood for stopping, until I needed to. ;)
But there are a few good pictures coming when I get home, but sadly I missed the best photo opportunity when we passed a Moose at the side of the road. That's Moose, not Mouse.
But we'll keep our eyes open on the way home, there has even been a Bear seen in Rindal this last week, so you never know what might appear in my posts about the weekend.

That off course, assumes that I survive being beggered about by the medical staff tomorrow. They're great, but they can wear out the patience of a Saint.

Yun's aa fae Trondheim..

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