Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I mentioned in an earlier post about Spring, that the sparrows were prone to blocking the guttering with their nests. One of these sparrows is cheeky enough to sit on the edge of the guttering and have a staring competition with me in the mornings.
I know the picture angle looks odd, but that's how it looked, looking straight up, while he/she was looking straight down. Just so long as it's the head end of the bird that's looking at me, I don't mind too much.

Anyway, that's enough about birds blocking things. Now on to the other blockage today.
Just imagine the sheer mayhem that a full packet of cigarettes can cause when they are in a pocket, in a washing machine...
The detergent does it's job beautifully, by breaking down the glues that hold the packaging abd the cigarettes together. The filter tips find their way, naturally, towards the filter in the machine, and block it. The tobacco finds it's way into every nook and cranny of everything that is being washed. And the idiot who left the packet of cigarettes in his pocket finds his way into the bad books of 'she who does the washing'.
I'm wondering at this point if there is a market for tobacco flavoured underpants???

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