Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday run to Tomrefjord, etc...

It was a nice still day and I needed to refuel the car, so I suggested a little run over to Tomrefjord while we were at it, which is about 11km away. Well we drove a little bit further, and by the time we got home we had clocked up nearly 100km.

The furthest we went was just beyond Rekdal, to the site of a wartime prison camp where the Germans held Russian prisoners.There's not much left to see now, apart from the ruin of what was their chapel.
Looking west from there we can almost see the open sea in this picture.
Centre, in the distance is the island of Haramsøya, just to the south of which, but hidden from view, is the island of Lepsøya, where Betty_Mouat landed in 1886 after drifting across the North Sea, alone, in the smack Columbine.
Incidentally, the sign in the bottom right of the picture tells that this beach was mined with anti tank mines during the war. Don't think I'm heavy enough to set one off, even if they didn't clear them all. ;)
Looking east, in Misundet, often wrongly called Moldefjorden on maps, this picture shows the small island of Tautra.
Sometime in the next few years work will start on a tunnel under the fjord to replace the existing ferry service. The tunnel will pass under Tautra to the island of Otrøy, at the extreme left of the picture, then a bridge will join from there to the mainland just west of the town of Molde.

On the way back we stopped in Fiksdal for a couple of pictures. Fiksdal is a fairly typical small settlement here.
But it's got a particularly nice little mountain looking down on it, called Melen.

Next stop was for a picture of Tomrefjorden.
I wish somebody would make up their mind what to call the village at the head of this fjord. The signs say Tomrefjord, the maps say Tomra, and there are various other words for it which I can't bring myself to write. ;)
Tomrefjord has the biggest shipyard in this area, Langsten, which is now owned by STX Europe, which I think is a Korean owned company. Here's a ship they've just about finished.
And one in the construction hall which is well under way.
The reflection in the water inspired me to take a picture across the fjord, hope I got the picture the right way up.
Interestingly, the Solstrand shipyard which as on the other side of Tomrefjord, and which I forgot to take a picture of, is where the Shetland trawler Altaire was built.
On the way back home we took a turn out towards Øverås where there is a beautiful little bay called Leirvåg, with a nice little island which has a lovely secluded house on it.
On the way back to the main road there was a nice view looking into Tomrefjorden.
Since we were being Sunday sightseers we took a turn in around Flatevågen (the flat voe), and went up to one of the farms at Flate to get this picture looking towards Vestnes.
Flate used to be called Flatebostadir, which would be a direct translation to the Shetland Fladdabister
And to add another Shetland connection, on the north side of Flatevågen, there is a small bay called Lervik which relates nicely to Shetland's Lerwick .

So that was this Sunday run. Next serious drive is to Trondheim on Tuesday evening, so that doctors can poke and prod me to tell me that I'm fit and well, hopefully. There will likely be a few pictures of that trip about the end of the week.

But, as an edit to this post, since I mentioned shipyards, here's a link to a video of a ship which was finished at the Langsten yard, the 'Far Samson'. It's well worth a watch.
Far Samson video.

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. Too nice to not have to come and see.....fancy an exchange?

  2. HE HE, we've been to Preston, and it's a memory which will abide with us for all time, for oh so many reasons, but the most obvious of which was the terrible meal in our hotel.
    Having said that, every time we have a celebration meal of any kind, which involves steak, I cook and prepare the chips just like that hotel did. It was the first time we had a meal together, so it was kinda important.
    Anyway, thanks for the thought, but no exchange. Love this place too much.
    If you come for a holiday though, we'd love to show you around.

  3. Stunning views - the Melen mountain overlooking Fiksdal is excellent.