Sunday, April 4, 2010

Signs of Spring

There are many things that herald Spring in Norway.
Small buds are appearing on trees and bushes, and birds of all kinds are suffering an overflow of hormones. Especially the Magpies, they have to be the craziest thing on wings. Or maybe the Dunters, who seem to suffer a severe gender imbalance here, with about 10 drakes chasing after every duck, and making more noise than the drunks being thrown out of the local pub at 2am.
The sparrows are busy blocking the guttering as they build their nests, the snails are appearing again, and my favourite creatures, the common garden spiders, are starting to crawl out of their hiding holes.

But in Norway there are more obvious signs of spring. Motorbikes are being dragged out of sheds, polished, and paraded by old men in tight leather suits. Camper vans with Nederland and German registrations are starting to congregate. And the first report of a tourist going missing, whilst fishing, has appeared in the news.

And our flower bed lottery is starting to show results. We now know where some of the Crocuses are. And they're beauties.

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