Saturday, April 24, 2010

A peerie bit o poetry

Da Brucky Drawer.

“Whaur did I pit me thingumyjig?”
I aksed her dat sud ken ee day,
“Is du hed a skoit i dee brucky drawer?
wis aa dat shö did say.

Bit na, I’d neevir tocht o dat,
an whit a tocht ta luik in dere,
hit’s foo o peerie bits an bobs,
an antrin idder gair.

I lippin every hoos haes een,
a drawer dat gadders bruck,
whaur tings end up dat’s needin kept,
ir kept fir faer o ill luck.

So luik böst I atil dis drawer,
ta fin me thingumyjig,
bit hit’s packit foo o dat muckle hellery,
hit wid need ta be twice as big.

Batteries, pens, an sticky tape,
mobile phones, an auld gold ring,
cable ties, leads ta hook up cameras,
an Loard kens foo muckle string.

Headphones an widden puzzles,
a watch ower guid ta wear,
an empty box a praisant cam atil,
dat I kept ta had idder gair.

Half a score o pictir postcards,
shawin bare Shaetlan erses,
and dizens o auld birthday cairds,
wi boanie written verses.

A badge fae me 50th birthday,
dat seems a while past noo,
a spare strap fir me wearin watch,
an a toosip o darnin oo.

So a’m fun a lok o tings in dere,
tings I tocht wir lost,
bit I didna fin me thingumyjig,
I winder whit a new een’ll cost.

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  1. That very much reminds me of Rhoda Bulters Clearin oot da Haandbag. I was very lucky to have known her, she lived next door to my grandparents and I spent many a hour sittin with here infront of the fire. Even when she was scolding us, it ran with a song. Tis a fine poem, I am jealous...I like Spike Milligan too. For the same reason, tis life, how ever trivial the event seems..