Friday, April 9, 2010

Bedroom Floor

And before anybody thinks anything naughty, no I didn't get drunk and fall on it. I just had to try to replace it.

We dicided a couple of weeks ago to lay a laminate floor in the bedroom, because the carpet was,, past it's best.
We ordered the flooring from the local shop and were told that it would arrive on the Wednesday before Easter..
FAIL!! It only arrived this week.
Anyway, we picked it up today when I finished work (early finish today since I was too kanckered to work any more). So, home with flooring, and I just had to start working on the job. It would have been finished tonight, but the X-Files were on at 7pm......

Funny thing about this little domestic task is that, "She who tells me how to do things", said nothing after my first few swear words. I'm beginning to wonder if Trowies don't know how to lay laminate flooring??? :) :)

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