Friday, April 30, 2010

Trondheim trip - Part 1

First part of the trip was across the fjord to Molde, and it was the first time we got to go on one of the new ferries. These new ones are LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) powered, which I'm sure are good for the environment, compared to diesel, but I'm also sure that they are cheaper to run, so that's why they're used.
The one we got on was the Fannefjord. Now the name has caused almost as much controversy here, as it will cause hilarity to English speaking people.The controversy here being that Fannefjord isn't a fjord which the ferries sail on, and the 'English speaking' hilarity can be understood, if in doubt, by a google search, if your swearie filter allows it. ;)

Anyway, here's a frontal view, oops, I mean a bow view of the Fannefjord:
She doesn't really look very big from this angle although she's 5 lanes wide. It's only when you see this view of her sistership, Moldefjord, that you actually realise how big they are. About 125 metres long:
Heading north from Molde the next interesting thing we came across was the Gjemnes Bridge which crosses to Bergsøya with Kvernesfjorden to the west, and Bergsoyfjorden to the east. It's an impressive bridge, the deck of which is about 50 metres at it's highest point:
The run north from there also featured another interesting bridge which I failed to get a picture of, but it floats on concrete pontoons. I'll have to revisit that one and find out how the structure compensates for tidal variations. That's a summer project.
Next stop on this leg of the journey was at Kanestraum where we got the ferry to Halsa on the east side of Halsafjorden. This picture is looking north from Kanestraum:
The snow clad mountains in the background are on the island of Tustna.

At this point of the journey the weather turned a bit, and to use a Shetland expression, "Hit cleared up an cam a day o sh**e".
Only half decent picture I got after that was a panorama of Surnadal:
But I think if you click, and zoom the picture you'll get an idea of what so many valleys in this area look like when seen from the roads above them.

So we arrived in Trondheim, and since I hadn't eaten anything sensible all day, we quickly checked in and headed to town for a meal at the Egon restaurant. About 800 kroner for 2 decent meals and 2 crap beers. So we crossed the road to the Cafe Dublin, found Stella Artois, and spent a few hundred more Kroner getting happy.
At this point I took my usual 'bum shot' of the day.
Now, I must run and hide before she sees this 'wide angle' shot.
;) LOL

Yun's aa fir enoo, mair da moarn.

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