Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cars, The best of British, and the worst of American

Our after dinner walk tonight was to one of our local car dealers, because my curiosity had been aroused by seeing what was obviously an old British car sitting outside when I passed earlier.
This dealer specialises in imports from America, so he always has a forecourt full of things like this:
And they're a common sight around here. I suppose that's partly due to the fact that petrol is relatively cheap, compared to wages. I have to admit I'd love one myself.
But, back to what I started to post about. The British Car. And here she is:
A 1938 Rolls Royce Phantom 3. The import ticket on the window says that she has been imported from 'Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, Long Island City, NY.
Her paintwork is in a dire state, but I fully expect to see her completely restored soon, and commanding a very large price. I'll keep an eye out for her after she's been restored and post an update picture.

Interestingly, on the subject of cars, this area is great for old cars. There are Volvos from the late 50s running around, a friend of mine even has a 1983 Range Rover which hasn't disintegrated into a pile of rust like they do in the UK, and I have a Honda Accord, called Honey, which has recently celebrated her 20th birthday.
Honey is a nice old car, everything electical still works after 20 year, even the heated seats which sometimes get switched on by mistake... And her maintenance cost for the last 20 months has been one light bulb , and one litre of oil.

Anyway, that's enough about boys toys.

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