Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back home from Trondheim

Returned from our travels about half an hour ago. Slightly knackered, but glad to be home.
The shortest route between Vestnes and Trondheim is 224km, with 2 ferry crossings, but the shortest route goes over some high roads, and since there was a chance of snow on Tuesday evening, we did a slight detuour through Surnadal and Rindal, which only adds about 15km to the journey, but kept us below 270 metres all the way.
For the return today, 'she who navigates', and I'm not talking about "Geettin' Gertie" the Sat Nav, said we should take the scenic route. As if there is anything other than scenic routes in West Norway.
Anyway, this route took us south on the E6, through Oppdal, to Dombås, where we turned west through Lesja and Romsdal, then home via Åndalsnes, Innfjord, Måndalen, and Tresfjord. This route turned out to be 380km, but took almost the same time as the other routes because there were no ferry crossings.

I've got a load of pictures to dig through but I know I've got some good ones, so I'll add some posts over the weekend to show what the trip is like.
The salvation of the whole journey for me can be summed up by this picture:
Great food, and they served Stella Artois ;)

I suppose though that the main purpose of the trip deserves a mention. And it's good news.
MRI scan, CT scan, and lord knows how many others pokes and probes they did while they had me out cold this morning, but it looks like I've beaten cancer. It should have known better than take on Da Auld Een. LOL!!

Yun's aa fir enoo, mair afore lang.

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