Thursday, April 22, 2010

Otter Board

Now, here's a blast from the past. Most Shetlanders my age will have some memories of trying to catch a few trouts in a loch by using an Otter Board. But such excellent fishing practices became illegal, or at least seriously frowned upon by the local constabulary, and totally vilified by serious anglers who prefer to stand waist deep in the water casting with a rod, whilst freezing their gonads.
Well thankfully Norway has a more sensible attitude towards sensible fishing.
I'd never mentioned this topic before to 'she who thinks she knows about fishing', until tonight, but she dived into a cupboard and came out with this one, local name Oterfjøl:
Only is Norway can you find an Otter Board with a brand name on it. :) :)

Gone Fishing.... ;) :)

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  1. haha, I remember my uncle took me up to a lake in the hills with one of those things. we nearly cleaned out the lake. some feed. wouldn't want to get caught with it though.