Friday, April 2, 2010

I thought it was a UFO....

The last couple of weekends we have seen a strange light in the mountain just southwest of here.
It bugged me a lot last weekend, I even tried to get a video of it, but 70 times zoom just proved that it was a stationary light, so not a star. Daylight observations have enabled me to pinpoint the exact spot.
So what we've figured is that somebody is crazy enough to spend their weekend nights up there, under a basic shelter, with a camp fire. Just so that they can crawl out at first light and shoot anything that moves.

Being the nasty old person that I am, I hope they get frostbite, or shoot themselves in the foot.

Maybe I'm not exactly in the right country to be opposed to hunting. And yes it has been said that I do a lot of hunting myself. But I reserve my hunting for Trolls on websites such as Shetlink. HE HE

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