Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Drive

Today is officially the day that the tyres on cars should be changed from winter to summer, so for once I actually got it done on the correct day. Which means it will likely snow tomorrow.
After changing the wheels we took a little drive in to the head of Tresfjord. It's a lovely place in Summer and doesn't look too bad at this time of year either.

There's a beautiful little church in Tresfjord, built in 1825.

We headed further up the valley to Øvstedalen, which has fairly high mountains on both sides, and at the inner end. This area has some very rich farm land, and it's also a major centre for horsy folk.

 Some of the mountains are quite impressive.
A little tour around some of the side roads revealed some interesting scenes, like the Kjersem Bridge, with it's lovely waterfall.
I was amazed to see how much the water has eroded this stone beneath the bridge. Really shows the power of water.
Another nice old bridge we found was the Skorgen Bridge, which dates from 1905.
Another interesting little sight was this painting on the end of a barn. Quite artistic. Not sure what it's meant to depict, but we think it's something to do with Norwegian resistance to joining the EU.
As usual, when I go out with the camera, I always end up with a lot of pictures which are not worth looking at, but the only bum picture I took today looked so good that I thought I might as well include it, then find out how fast I can run ;)
Yun's aa fir enoo.

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