Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Winch drum flywheel

I recently posted something about making a flywheel for a winch drum. It was hard work, in fact damned hard work.
Then the welders get to work on it. There's a fair bit of manual welding, then it goes to the auto welding table, "Cake Stand", where poor Per sits for hours going round and round in circles watching a welding machine do it's stuff. Lord knows how he has the patience for such a job, although sitting on hot metal can have it's benifits on a cold day.
He was so intent on the job that he never even saw the camera flash.
So, if you see this Per, "HI!!!"


  1. How many RPM will it have to do and does it need balancing?

  2. They're fairly slow moving things, so balancing not really necessary. The whole thing gets machined to a very fine tolerance, and in the case of this one, teeth are cut into the 80mm edge ring. after machining it's still about 10 ton.

  3. canna fit it in the back of my transit then ;-}