Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Winter scenes.

I had to go and refuel the car today, so I decideded to take a little run around just to check out the scenery.
Looking west over Flatevågen the mountains looked good.
By this time, 1pm, the sun had actually set behind the mountains so it creates a great contrast between light and dark. I took a run west to Tomrefjord and drove up an extremely icy road to the setter. Thank heavens the wife wasn't with me, she would have panicked to see a 4x4 having problems on the road, when I was just having fun. :)
Here's a lovely image looking southwest through the mountains.
And a view back down towards Tomrefjord. The STX Europe shipyard, just right of centre, is currently refitting one of the old ferries which used to cross this fjord to Molde. The "MF Tresfjord" is being converted to run on gas, like the new ferries we have now. She can be seen in the floating dock in this image.
I drove back around Flatevågen (da voe), still looking for the perfect picture for this years Christmas cards. The temperature was -12.5C when I took this one.
I was using my old camera which has a 10X zoom, so I zoomed in on the mountain to the left of that image for this pic. The mountain is called Skåla (which means the bowl, and yes it looks like an upturned bowl).
From the south side of Flatevågen I eventually got the picture I wanted of the church. No sun on the church, which always makes it look too bright, but sun still on the houses and mountains at Molde.
When I got home I discovered that the wife had been busy digging out from storage some of the first Christmas decorations. By the way, Christmas is referred to as 'Jul' here, so I was met by these two nice Julenisser when I came round the corner of the house.
Now, at this point I'd better explain what 'nisser' are. Nisse (singular), Nisser (plural), are the little folk in Norway. A bit like the Trowies in Shetland, Goblins, Elves, Gremlins, etc... in other cultures. Some of them are nice, some are a bit mischievous, and maybe a few are a bit nasty, but that's just because of bad press in the newspapers. Our Nisser are nice, and once darkness fell we lit the candles in their little lanterns.
Things are starting to look a bit more seasonal already, and no doubt over the next few weeks several hundred decorative little Julenisser will appear throughout the house. But that's a future post.

Finally tonight, since most things are looking really cold everywhere, I thought a picture my sister sent me would be a nice warm way to end this post.
Can you feel the warmth?

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. All looking superbly splendid :o)

  2. It is beautiful, BUT...
    Several layers of underwear, normal clothes, then topped with a survival suit. I still thought I was liable to end up in a 'negative gonad' situation.
    This cold snap is just too early, and theres not really enough snow to have fun with the skis. Hopefully more snow next weekend, so pictures of skiing cock-ups are getting nearer to the blog. lol