Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Royal Rant..

When I lived in Shetland I never considered myself a fan of the British royal family, after all they were representative of the British scum which stole Shetland from Norway in the first place. (don't get me started on 1469).

But today I was delighted to see on the BBC news that Prince Willie has finally got round to asking Kate to marry him. Great news, not because I believe in the British royalty, but because I believe in love. And I wish them, as I would any other young couple, the best of luck and a long happy life together.

And now for the "RANT" part of this post:
Sometimes I'm stupid enough to open a link to the SSP website. (That's the "Shetlink Socialist Party"). A forum for Shetland, called Shetlink, which has got to be the most hateful forum ever invented. I knew that the forum took a specialist interest in being nasty to everybody, irregardless of race or colour. But to find them immediately being nasty to a young couple in love simply disgusts me.

All I can really say is, "Thank God Shetlink isn't a true representation of Shetland. It's just a selection of hate filled, narrow minded trolls, who do their best at every opportunity to destroy Shetland in the public eye."
There are still a few decent members of the Shetlink forum, but sadly their sensible comments and graceful acceptance of other peoples views have been drowned out by intolerant idiots. So if you want to know Shetland, go and see the place, meet the real people, but never, never read Shetlink.


  1. LOL rant on LOL though from my point of view I'd say the one's causing most issue are more of the Tea Party variety, or a bit more right wing than that.

    Now I have no problem with love. But as for 'The Royal Family' ...rant....!

  2. I think I must be getting romantic in my old age. I heard the news on BBC and thought "Oh how nice, happy for those kids", then read Shetshit and thought, "Nasty ba****ds".
    I'm no fan of the Royal family. But I always liked to have a laugh at the "Royle Family", great couch sitcom.... And maybe an amazing similarity. lol

  3. I think that the news was certainly well placed, covering up bad news about Gitmo inmates getting pay-outs. And the incessant media coverage wasn't great. If someone believes in "love", I'd imagine that it doesn't consist of having a wide angle lens shoved in your face.

    PS we miss you at Shetlopedia


  4. Nice to hear from you again James.

    You never know, if Peerie Trowie keeps twisting my arm I may be back to Shetlopedia.
    That's just a "MAYBE".. lol