Saturday, November 27, 2010

Willie Nelson busted yet again.....

OK, so Willie likes a little smoke of a certain slightly naughty little weed, which really shouldn't be illegal since it's no worse that many legalised substances which governments the world over make a lot of tax dollars from.
And OK Willie has been busted for it before so surely he should know better....
Well perhaps he does know better, at least better than the hoards of idiots (I won't refer to them as experts), who say that Marijuana is bad for you. After all Willie is 77 years old, has survived his earlier years of dedication to legalised substances like whisky which no doubt would have killed him, before he found the pleasure of a fragrant little weed.
Willie has given pleasure to millions of music lovers for more than 5 decades. He still tours the world giving shows, such as the two that me and the wife went to this year. He does a fantastic amount of work for good causes, such as Farm Aid. In fact all I've ever known him to do is 'GOOD'.
So why do the law enfarcement (typo intended) officers in his home country continue to bust him for taking a little pleasure for himself? I can only assume that it's because Willie is a well known user, and campaigner for the legalisation, of Marijuana. So when a petty little promotion hungry rookie cop sees Willies tour bus, he knows he can get another ticket issued.
Well, yet again an American law enfarcement officer has become the most hated person ever, amongst the millions of Willie Nelson fans. And in this case I don't think the bust will do anything for the officer's career, since this bust was on the border of his home state,Texas. And I don't think there's a Texan alive who thinks Willie is anything less than a National Treasure.

But, and there's always a but.... No matter how strongly I feel that Willie has been done a great wrong, I have to face the fact that he has been charged with possession of an illegal substance.
So I feel that I should take the necessary steps to distance myself from this terrible criminal act...... lol
I'm going to log on to Willie's Online Shop and buy one of these,,,, in the hope that it will be a step towards advertising that the criminal in this case is 'THE LAW', 'NOT WILLIE'.
And, if nothing else, the profit Willie makes from the T-shirt can help pay his fine. So maybe everybody can log on and buy one too. Although I guess there will be delivery delays due to the high demand for these shirts in Texas.

My final thoughs, for now, on the matter:
God Bless Willie Nelson,
If the arresting officer thinks Texas is hot, just wait until he gets to the afterlife which is being wished upon him by every Willie fan in the world just now.

Yun's aa fir enoo,,,,,,
Must go for a 'smoke'.

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