Monday, November 8, 2010

It's cold... BRRRR!!!!!

But, worst of all I screwed up and forgot to take my camera out today.
It was beautiful here today. Everything looked like a scene from a Christmas card. The temperature never managed to rise above -2C and the local airport was recording a low of -7C about an hour ago.
I must remember the camera tomorrow, it looks like being another nice frosty day. One picture I must try to get is the scene of the suddenly dumped leaves from the Maple trees. They had been hanging on to their yellow autumn leaves so well, but gave up last night and shed them all in a deep yellow carpet on top of the snow.'

Here's a couple of extra pictures from yesterday afternoon. I know these blooms have real names, but I think they should just be called snow roses from now on...
This little bloom looked so good before. It's hanging it's head a little sadly in this shot.
And as for this one,,,  It was frozen completely rock solid this morning,,, it has to give up eventually. But since it's called a Peace Rose maybe it has expectations which are way beyond reality, or hope.

Something else I thought about today. My next car must be rear wheel drive.. It's horrible being dragged around on lovely hard packed snow by a front wheel drive Japanese comfort wagon, when I could be having fun with a rear wheel drive 'boys toy', such as a BMW... If the wife will let me ;) ;)

Onywye, more pictures tomorrow, memory permitting..

Yun's aa fir enoo

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